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Pam Youngquist, PhD

About Pam Youngquist, PhD

Formative Years

My own path into holistic health began at an early age through learning the arts of meditation and hands-on healing at a spiritual development center. Through exposure to these experiences and perspectives of viewing the health of the human being I became intrigued in understanding how our internal life rarely receives consideration in our external societal life. It became evident to me that the simple refusal of each of us to look inward gave rise to the refusal to look outward at the impact we have upon each other and the Earth.

Formal Education

I went on to study the social science fields of psychology, sociology, cultural anthropology, and ethno-psychiatry which formally culminated in an undergraduate degree in social work, enabling me to better articulate the concept of person-in-place. This encompassed the understanding that every individual has a different style of learning, foundation from which they function and level of commitment to self-actualization which is appropriate for them as a result of their personal and cultural upbringing.

While I underwent formal academic education I was also involved in a more experiential ongoing training from sitting at the table with traditional Indigenous elders, soaking in all that they shared about cosmology, healing and the whole health of the human being. At their urging I would then walk away to reflect upon what I had learned and apply that knowledge in every aspect to myself. My own personal healing journey began.

Herbal Education

I was fortunate to receive certification from eminent herbalist Rosemary Gladstar at her Sage Mountain Herbal Institute where I learned the science and art of traditional Western herbalism in the fields and woods of New England. The years spent growing and wild-crafting herbal allies to make healing remedies were an apprenticeship to the plants that taught me much more than simply the constituent chemistry of their medicinal parts. Indeed the plants educated me about the deep relationship they hold with the human being and how they can change the course of our lives with their healing knowledge.

Reiki Master

I underwent a three-year training in the Usui Traditional Reiki healing system and was able to initiate others into these teachings in locations around the country at a time when this form of hands-on healing was gaining mainstream acceptance in hospitals, recovery centers, prisons and corporations.

Doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy

The years I spent with the University of Natural Medicine and Clayton College completing my doctorate in traditional naturopathy brought a great integration of all that I had thus learned and a deeper grounding in the core sciences of anatomy, physiology, immunology, etiology and functionality.


Spiritual studies through the ordination process with New Horizons Church gave me the opportunity to explore the sanctity of the soul/essence in alignment with each human embodiment.

Ever Expanding Education

After personal application and time I turned to share all I had learned with others who sought a deeper understanding of the state of wellness. I learned that my responsibility was to approach each person from the place that they stand and compassionately share the wisdom of holistic health in a manner that can be fully accessed by each one personally. Over the past 15 years that sharing has taken the form of wellness consultations, Reiki sessions and teachings, counseling and spiritual circles, traditional ceremonies, workshops, classes, talks, written articles and radio feature contributions.

I continue daily to expand my education through exploring the ongoing discoveries in human biology - specifically in the areas of neurology and endocrinology. Further advanced studies in classical homeopathy are allowing me greater hope for widespread acceptance and application of gentle remedies that support the whole being with their now proven efficacy.

Professional Practice

My professional wellness practice brings me great joy, providing the opportunity on a daily basis to experience the wonders of human potential when given permission to claim a state of unique balance and health. The heart felt smile I experience as each client empowers and strengthens themselves, moving out into the world to share their unique presence, is indeed the true gift of this service.

"The Doctor of the future will give no medicines but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in exercise and prevention of disease." ~ Thomas Edison


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Pam Youngquist, PhD

  • Doctor Traditional Naturopathy

  • Board Certified Holistic Practitioner

  • Certified Herbalist

  • BA Social Work

  • Reiki Master/ Teacher

  • Non-Denominational Minister

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"I have been Pam's client for the past 6 years and it was she who finally unearthed and healed the complex roots of my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. After seven years of searching for answers, I was tired and almost without hope for change.

Pam gave me a second chance at a full and active life. If you have a chance to work with Pam as a colleague or client, I encourage you to do so. You will walk away from each encounter thankful for her presence, her intellect and her healing."

Renee, PA


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